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Angleterre 2018


Par VALERIE THAREAUT, publié le jeudi 7 décembre 2017 11:00 - Mis à jour le vendredi 16 mars 2018 14:45
5 things you mustn't do in the UK: video



Before going you have to make your check list.

The following items are INDISPENSABLE !


 If you are not of age (18) : fill in the form (see attached document)

+ a form to allow pictures of you to be used on the school blog



Check your ID is valid at the time of the travel.



Ask for the European health insurance card as soon as possible.


The pound (£) is the national currency in UK.

Don't forget to change money before going.




You'll need an electrical adapter if you want to charge your phone or power your hairdryer.





Don't forget pens to take notes or to locate the sights on your map!



We're going to WALK, WALK and...WALK !

So, better have good walking shoes !




The sun always shines in the UK but...you never know!

An umbrella or a raincoat might get handy!!

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